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mercredi 27 avril 2011, par kent1

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Reflet is a social/artistic project (it’s my personal views and not necessarily the one of each of the principal authors) created by Maxence Mercier and Thomas Fourmont.

The short project description is as follows :

“Reflet” is a networked collective artwork that visitors feed with textual and vocals contributions. It represents a agora in which everyone can attend and participate through an interface accessible from different devices : website (via computer or smart-phone), a specific terminal (during exhibition), a mobile phone by sms.

The expression is open and public. It is an opportunity for people to take part in community life, to express a part of themselves and discovering the one of the others. The many and varied contributions that emanate from it, contribute making "Reflet" a mirror of the contemporary social life. The expression of all these singularities challenges our curiosity and opens on alterity.

My involvement in the project is mainly technical, around the web platform.

The website dedicated to the project is Reflets.org